Here are just some of the services we can provide:

Forensic Architecture, Engineering & Surveying

Dealing with building failures requires various degrees of familiarity with science, law and practice. ArchiFACT draws together key aspects from each to provide a coordinated approach to the prevention, diagnosis and cure of defects and the related aspects of legal remedy and liability.

Project Monitoring and Technical Audits

Monitoring, based on mature experience, regular, authoritative and impartial design and construction reports as work progresses, safeguards investment and reduces the risk of the unforeseen.

Project Management, Administration & Supervision

A trouble-free job is a well run job. The objective of good administration and supervision is to facilitate smooth running from start to finish with completion to the required standards and programme.

Architecture, Engineering and Surveying

The right team and teamwork are fundamental to success. ArchiFACT's international expertise, embracing industrial, commercial, residential and retail development, provides the background knowledge essential to effective regeneration and development schemes. The practical, pragmatic and visual are translated through cost-controlled design into balanced proposals. Experienced leadership is vital to well directed design and coordinated teamwork combined with legal and technical expertise as required for complex planning issues and appeals.

Conservation and Refurbishment

The conservation, repair, adaptation and upgrading of historic buildings, whilst preserving their true quality, comes from understanding traditional and new construction along with relevant legislation. Good refurbishment can increase value, expand useable space and enhance building performance whilst reducing running cost.

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations

Competent supervision from the start of the design phase onwards will reduce the risk of accident and prosecution.


Learning from experience is the most practical form of continuing education. ArchiFACT's hard-won expertise is accessible to all through bespoke courses.
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