Discussion topics

Defects Liability Period

the builder's right and obligation to return to rectify certain defects

Designing healthy buildings

Sick-building-syndrome, heating and ventilation, mould

Designing for Movement

Causes of reciprocal movements in buildings, thermally induced movements, hygrally induced movements, reciprocal movements, stress caused by restraint to movement

Duty to Review Design

Should architects, engineers, etc. find and correct flaws in their design when inspecting the building work

Fitness for Purpose

Reasonably Fit for its Intended Purpose or Performed with Reasonable Skill and Care, Implied and Expess Terms, Benifits and Risks

Grenfell - Who makes sure a building is fireproof?

The Role of the Architect, The Role of the Design and Build Contractor, Design Coordination, Independent Audits

Health and safety by any other name……

Enforcement of Health and Safety, The Health and Safety Executive, Building Inspectors, The need for Regulation and Registration

Insurance Cover for Construction

What Does the Insurance Cover? System Designer's Insurance, Professional Consultant's Insurance, Product Manufacturer's Insurance

Living Room Acoustics

Room Acoustics and Music, Musical Dimension, Standing Waves, Auditory Perception, Resonance, Sound Quality of a Room

Professional Negligence

Professional Standards, Reasonable Skill and Care, Legal Precedent

Remedying Building Defects

Is Remedial Work Necessary or Practicable? Investicate both Defects and Damage. Remedy the Cause not the Symptom

Skill and Care in Building

What are the standards reasonably required of building designers?

Temporary Disconformity

When does defective building work become an actionable breach of contract?

What Makes an Ecohouse?

environmentally low-impact home, designed with sustainability in mind and built using materials and technology which reduce its carbon footprint and lower its energy need

What is Completion under a Building Contract?

Practical Completion, Substantial Completion, Completion of the Works, Completion of Making Good Defects and Legal Completion