Survey & Audit

Sterne Bridge - early reinforced concrete construction
Early reinforced concrete construction corroding where not rendered


Building Defects Investigations and Reports

Diagnosis is the essential first step in dealing with defects. It requires familiarity with the design and fabrication of a building combined with a thorough understanding of scientific investigation. Not until the causes and mechanisms of failure are understood can reliable decisions on remedies be made. The efficient and effective investigation and correction of defects is often marred by failure to distinguish symptom and cause and the over enthusiastic starting of repairs before completing diagnosis.

ArchiFACT provides a methodical and scientific approach - the surest safeguard against embarrassing failure and wasted cost. Investigation starts with an objective study of the symptoms and proceeds methodically to look for underlying causes. The cardinal starting points for defects investigations are:

  • Discard preconceptions,
  • Adopt a systematic approach,
  • Collect all available relevant data,
  • Marshal the facts,
  • Observe the chronology
  • Distinguish opinion from observation.

Correct diagnosis provides a proper basis for cure and, where required, the allocation and apportionment of blame.

slate roof invasive investigation

Surveys and Conditions Reports

Objectivity combined with a methodical approach is the basis of reliable dilapidation and conditions surveys. Focusing on the relevant and important issues with regard to the purpose of the survey and the obligations of the parties ensures reports are suitably comprehensive without unnecessary length. Clear detailed reports help to avoid disagreements and resolve disputes


Prevention is Better than Cure

The best products come from empowering competent people to contribute positively to all stages of a project. Poor communication, cost cutting and time pressures are the prevalent causes of flawed work and underperformance. Early identification of potential problems can enable action to be taken at a minimal cost.

Faults in design and construction are often disruptive and expensive and always unnecessary. Clients' requirements are not always fully understood with resultant dissatisfaction and a risk of costly and time wasting disputes. Each defect and dispute needs individual expert attention. Involving FACTS at the outset can avoid wasted expenditure in later repairs and corrective action.

Starting with sound expert advice is the best way to control risk and avoid loss.

Project Monitoring & Audits

Monitoring, based on mature experience, with regular, authoritative and impartial design and construction reports as work progresses, safeguards investment and reduces the risk of the unforeseen delays and defects.

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