Design & Management

ArchiFACT’s international expertise, which embraces industrial, commercial, residential and retail development; provides the essential background knowledge and experience to effective decision making, assisting the formulation of flexible approaches to site regeneration and development.

Strategic Planning

ArchiFACT provides the wealth of experience and range of expertise needed to combine design concept with financial and legal know-how to justify development and assist in the formation of development strategies.

As part of the developing project ArchiFACT can provide advice on all forms of procurement options, programme and project auditing.

Architecture, Engineering, Project Management

A balance of experience and training gives the best results. ArchiFACT offers a full range of professional services for the design, procurement and management of building projects.

Conservation & Refurbishment

The conservation, repair, adaptation and upgrading of historic buildings, whilst preserving their true quality, requires a sensitive approach. This comes from appreciating both tradition and technology whilst being alert to relevant regulations and available sources of aid.

Good refurbishment achieves more than mere maintenance. It can reduce running costs whilst enhancing: value, useable floor space and performance. Cost-effective solutions combine careful analysis and innovation to maximise potential.

Focussed investigation and project management leads to well thought out and priced proposals to extend the life of and re-energise aging building

Regeneration and Development

The right team and teamwork are fundamental to success. ArchiFACT's international expertise, embracing industrial, commercial, residential and retail development, provides the background knowledge essential to effective regeneration and development schemes. The practical, pragmatic and visual are translated through cost-controlled design into balanced proposals. Experienced leadership is vital to well directed design and coordinated teamwork combined with legal and technical expertise as required for complex planning issues and appeals.


Expertise is required to identify and obtain the necessary consents and negotiate the laws, codes and regulations to avoid complications and delays.

Environmental Assessment

Environmental impact assessments, increasingly demanded for large-scale projects, need an experienced approach to investigation and reporting

Site Development

A good understanding of the development process enables a site's potential to be rapidly ascertained. ArchiFACT deals in the practical, the pragmatic and the visual, which is translated through cost-controlled design development, into a well considered scheme. Experienced leadership is vital to well directed design and co-ordinate teamwork. Specialist legal and planning expertise may also be required in complex planning matters and appeals procedures.

Project Management, Administration & Supervision

A trouble-free job is a well run job. The objective of good administration and supervision is to facilitate the smooth transition from concept, through a controlled programme, to satisfactory completion.

ArchiFACT can be brought in at any stage to audit, run or manage the project. Where it is desirable to carry out these activities along side legal proceedings, ArchiFACT can provide the necessary additional skills and procedures.

Health and Safety

Using skilled design professionals, management and supervision can economically be combined with the roles of coordinator. Competent supervision from the start of the design phase onwards will reduce the risk of accident and prosecution.

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