Expert Witness Services

Litigation support, Expert evidence, Dispute resolution

Forewarned is forearmed

We offer practical guidance through the minefield of building defects and disputes. New pitfalls appear daily as modern technologies supplant tried and tested traditions. As both building and legal practices evolve alongside rising standards and more demanding regulation, it is not safe to assume that what worked yesterday is good enough for tomorrow.

ArchiFACT’s reliability is based on experience gained through hundreds of commissions, in diverse legal jurisdictions investigating, collecting evidence and resolving over £60m worth of defects and a similar amount of wrongly alleged shortcomings.

Dealing with building failures requires various degrees of familiarity with science, law and practice. ArchiFACT draws together key aspects from each to provide a coordinated approach to the prevention, diagnosis and cure of defects and the related aspects of legal remedy and liability.

If disputes arise, early assessment and the rigorous preparation of evidence hasten effective resolution. Most cases are settled satisfactorily ‘out-of-court’. Where this is not possible, ArchiFACT provides credible, authoritative and impartial expert evidence - assisting both client and tribunal.

ArchiFACT - the facts speak for themselves